February 4, 2010

Paper Art by Yulia Brodskaya

My favorite thing to do on a Sunday morning is curl up with a fresh cup of coffee and the Sunday Globe. I hurriedly flip through the sections, looking for the one I always read first - the Boston Globe Magazine! (I'm kind of a crossword fiend, and I love the Food section.)

This past weekend, I was pleasantly surprised to find a cover illustration by Yulia Brodskaya. Her distinctive style is immediately recognizable, as her lovely works have been traveling around the blogosphere for months now.

Her current style relies heavily on quilling, the art of rolling paper strips into shapes that was popular during the Renaissance and later Colonial times. She modernizes the craft, however, by using it to create clean-lined, hollow letters and flowing flourishes. Yulia has recently created pieces for everyone from Wired Magazine to Starbucks to Cadbury!

See more of Yulia's work here, and the Boston Globe Magazine here! (Above photos of the cover taken by me.)

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