February 14, 2010

Victorian Puzzle Purse Valentine

I've always been fascinated by antique or vintage valentines, hand-drawn and created with so much love. So this year, inspired by this tutorial, I decided to make my own Victorian Puzzle Purse!

For the calligraphy, I used a hawk tip (left) for the words and a globe tip (right) for the drawings. I think the globe is easier to control for fine lines, while the hawk tip makes handwriting look charmingly imperfect and vintage. For paper, I used plain parchment. For a more antique feel, you could soak the paper in tea til it reaches the desired hue. This can make the paper more delicate, however, and cause tears. Handle gently!

Here's the front of the valentine. I made a scalloped-edged blob with red watercolor paint, and let it dry. Then I added petals using the globe tip, and added leaves. Then I finished with the first line from the Robert Burns poem "A Red, Red Rose".

Make sure you let the ink dry thoroughly before moving on to the next layer!

Close-up detail of the rose. You'll notice my lines aren't perfect (especially when it comes to the lettering). Don't think yours has to be flawless! The imperfections add charm and reinforce the handmade look.

The second layer, decorated with a center heart and the second line from the poem.

The inside! Add whatever sentiments you like. You could also add another stanza from the poem. I chose to go with a simple yet heartfelt "I love you" and another rose.

Hope you all have a wonderful Valentine's Day!

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