October 8, 2010

Random Round Up

I love the feathers in this hand-watercolored "Custom Wedding Print" by The Wild Unknown.

This bowl is made completely of embroidered thread...and nothing else. Pretty amazing, right? See more from Chocolate Frog here.

I love this fingerless glove pattern found on Ravelry. Aren't the little cabled owls just adorable? I think I'd make them snowy white - they'd be perfect for winter!

I'm fascinated by these prints by Kate Breakey. Yes, those are actual dead animals that she put on light-sensitive paper and made silhouettes of. They're part of her new "Poetics of Light" exhibit at the Etherton Gallery in Tucson. Here's hoping they died of natural causes...

Kelli Anderson created these identity materials for the American Museum of Natural History. I love that they have a classic look, yet still feel very modern.

A very realistic painting of paintings! This piece is "Saturday at the Met" by Pauline Roche.

The leaves are just starting to flame gold around here, so this "Amber Reflections" oil painting by Kim Casebeer is quite apropos. The rich tones seem to glow, and I love the bright blue accents in the water.

Hope you all enjoyed the round up, and have a wonderful weekend!

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