December 23, 2010

Almost Here

Dear readers, I meant to post diy, last-minute projects that would make lovely Christmas gifts for you this week. Unfortunately, the thing about the holidays is that they creep up on you. All of a sudden, you have way too much to do in too little time and blogging often falls by the wayside. So, I'll be posting them in January instead when I can take the time to properly photograph and explain them, step-by-step. Think of it as a late gift? (I do hope you'll like them!)

In the meantime, here's a photo of the sole burst of color in the backyard right now. I have no idea what type of vine this is - in the summer it's just green with golden berries. When winter settles in, however, the little globes blush the loveliest shade of red. (Thankfully, the birds left enough of them for me to take this picture!)

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