July 21, 2011

Quick Summer Seashell Ring Tutorial

This silvered shell ring is so easy to diy, you'll be able to whip one up in time for a sunny daytrip or night out whenever you need something new to wear!

You'll need the following (see below for pictures): a ring blank, a seashell of your choice - make sure it's a few millimeters smaller in diameter than your blank, jeweler's glue or epoxy - I use E6000, and Rub 'N Buff in Silver Leaf.

Take your shell, and apply a good amount of glue/epoxy to the bottom. Place it firmly inside your ring blank, and allow it to dry thoroughly (see directions on the tube for approximate times).

Once it's dry, take your Rub 'N Buff and apply liberally using a brush (or your fingers... I tend to use the latter to ensure I get it into every crevice). The Rub 'N Buff shade shown here is liquid silver leaf - so much easier to apply than the extremely fragile leaf sheets! Plus, you don't need a special glue. It will stick to your seashell all on its own. It also comes in a crazy amount of colors - gold leaf in various shades, silvers, pearlescent colors, a vibrant red, and many more.

Allow to dry, then buff off with a rag or paper towel until no more extra silver comes off. That's it! You can wear and enjoy your ring as soon as the silver is dry.

Experiment with different size blanks and shells, or different colors (gold leaf on faux gold, rose gold on silver, pearlescent blue on silver). There are so many different combinations you can play around with to make a ring that's uniquely you.

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