October 26, 2011

Fall Clutches

When fall rolls around, you can often find me wandering the back lanes with a camera in my hand, photographing every bright blaze of autumn branches. I can never get enough of the flaming orange, red, and golden colors on the trees!

I like a classic, old-fashioned film camera for these shots, but lugging around a heavy camera and lenses as well as a heavy purse can strain my shoulders. Clutches are the perfect solution - you can use the strap (if they have one) or easily add your own, or you can just tuck it into a pocket while you're shooting.

Here are some of my favorite clutches from Etsy, found in the shops of Davie and Chiyo, Babbs Boutique, SolaWu, and Ao3Designs.

What's your favorite type of purse for autumn? Do you like to switch to tweed and houndstooth, or darker colors? I'd love to know!

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