July 23, 2014

Tea Towel Art by Richard Bawden

Lately, my brain feels like molasses. I love my little guy's coos and crowings, but I love them just a little bit less at 5:00 am. And coffee seems to bother his tummy (I'm still nursing), so I can't gulp down more than one cup a day. My point is that I'm trying to update this blog more often, but it's still quite hard to compose coherent thoughts these days! Thanks for bearing with me.

I did manage to snap a pic of these lovely tea towels I bought on our honeymoon in London the other day. They feature artwork by Richard Bawden, known mostly for his art prints. I couldn't decide between the smiling otter & his newly-caught fish and the pair of owls framed with oak leaves, so I purchased both. Not a bad dilemma to have, right? I can't remember which shop behind the British Museum featured them, but maybe it will come to me one of these days. Or probably not (much more likely). At any rate, they've held up amazingly well through messes and many wash cycles so I'm really pleased with the quality.

You can browse through more of Richard Bawden's wonderful, colorful illustrations here.

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