April 16, 2015

Foxy Lady Scarf

Fascinated by an old picture of my Great Aunt Marion wearing a real fox stole (you know, the kind that's a dead fox wrapping around your shoulders, creepy!), I decided to make an animal-friendly version.

I looked around online and found a template I liked from Prudent Baby. However, I wanted a slightly more realistic-looking fox. So I made the fox's jaws wider, rounded the paws, and made the back hips more rounded. I also set the ears at a different angle and left off the whiskers, for aesthetic purposes. Other than these changes, I followed their directions. You can find the Prudent Baby version and template here

For fabric, I used leftover orange sweatshirt material from a Halloween costume and a fuzzy sherpa backing. The sweatshirt material was from Etsy and the sherpa was from either Michael's or Joann's Fabric. I used maroon thread to embroider the eyes and nose, and to over-stitch the ears. I think my fox is about 36" from head to foot.

This scarf definitely isn't warm enough for deep winter, but it's perfectly appropriate for fall and spring! I think I'm going to make a mini-version for my little guy with some black and gray flannel for the fall. I'll post it here if I do!

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