July 27, 2015

Getting Back Up On the Bicycle...

I don't know if it's just toddlerhood (and the accompanying non-stop chasing and accident-avoidance it entails) that seems to turn my brain's workings into cogs stuck in molasses these days, or if the hot summer weather is to blame as well.

I have some archived DIYs I'm hoping to share soon, but as I haven't done much making and crafting recently, I thought I'd share a find instead!

I'm not much of an Urban Outfitters shopper, but this Parisian tapestry caught my eye this week. I love the elaborately carved stone details and the muted colors in this trompe l'oeil (or "fool the eye") piece. It'd be perfect for the end wall of a small bedroom or reading nook, and I think you could easily turn it into a shower curtain as well.

Hopefully I'll be back later this week with more posts!

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