September 3, 2009

Clever Housewares

Clever and functional housewares: a "Wine Bottle Chandelier" from Pottery Barn, and "Chat Plates" from MoMa.

Besides decorating a home, these products could be used for creative projects as well!

I think the plates would be great for staging a photoshoot, featuring "looking down from above"-type shots. Everyone at the table could have one of these plates, with either words or different types of food on them. The plates could be photographed individually as well. Placing one on a white background would emphasize the contents, while using a more colorful backgrounds would really make the white plate pop.

You could also modify the chandelier shown here. Instead of the bulbs being in the middle, you could cut the bottoms off the bottles and string lights inside them. You could do this with a single bottle as well. A line of lights like this hanging over a kitchen island, table, or desk would lend a rustic-yet-elegant touch. The bottles could be all the same color, or different colors for more variation. Kits for making your own lamps can easily be found at hardware and home decor stores!

To learn how to cut glass bottles yourself, check out this tutorial.

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