November 13, 2009

Friday Finds

"Momma Wood Grain Necklace" by Truche. The "faux bois" (fake wood grain) trend is still very popular, showing up on everything from bedding to wallpaper to cookie molds! Imprinting silver with it gives the metal varying hues of soft grays. So lovely!

"I'll Be Home... Necklace" by Verre Encore. This would be a great present for your Secret Santa or for a Yankee Swap. Holiday jewelry can be brought out year after year, and just seeing it in your drawer reminds you of happy memories with friends and family! Verre Encore also has tiny enameled heart necklaces in many different colors. They look like little conversation hearts! (I've had my eye on one for quite some time...)

"Pine Cone Necklace" by ES Designs. All her pieces are nature-inspired, and amazingly true-to-life! I have one of her birch bark rings - it reminds me of trips to the family cabin (literally) in Maine, the clear blue waters surrounded by bright white birch trees.

"Carved Initials Necklace" by Lisa Hopkins. No one carves their initials in tree bark anymore (it's SO last century...), but you can do the next best thing by ordering one of these pendants.

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