March 11, 2010

Thursday Trinkets

"Camera Love Silhouette" by An Original Jewelry. What photographer wouldn't love this?

"Antiqued Finish Rabbit" by Cosmic Firefly. I really like the Art Deco look of this - reminds me of a vintage "Alice in Wonderland" movie.

"I Heart England" by Truche. I'd love to own this - one of my favorite places to visit!

"Circus Trapeze Artist" by MarKhed. This is so clever - she has more circus-themed pieces in her shop!

"Wire Whisk" by Exodesign. Perfect for a baker, or chef!

"Like a Bird Necklace" by Meltemsem. I like how this can be girly or rock star-esque, depending on what you wear with it. It can go either way!


  1. Oh that camera necklace is so fantastic, if a little expensive. I wish you hadn't posted it, I want it so much! :)

  2. Thanks for showing my circus piece! I'm a SHE though...

    love the blog and your illustrations... definitely going to check out your blog more!

    Marie from Markhed

  3. Preetalina, I love that one too! It's a bit steeper than other pieces on Etsy, but it's hand-cut and not just a charm!

    Markhed, so sorry, just changed it! I love all of your necklaces. They're so clever and unique!


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