July 16, 2010

Martin Wilson, via Photojojo

Photojojo's newsletter absolutely blew me away this morning! Martin Wilson uses the contact sheets from his film cameras to create prints. However, there's no Photoshop or any kind of editing involved! He has to plan ahead of time what he wants the finished product to look like, shoot it in the right sequence, and match up photos from frame to frame and row to row. I have no idea how he keeps track of all these things in his head at the same time! He also never cuts and pastes frames - if he messes one up, he starts all over. Because of this, a roll can take him months to complete.

I think his most impressive pieces are the ones where he spells out sayings using pavement cracks and tree branches. Again, I have no idea how he lines things up so perfectly without being able to see the previous photo! He must have a photographic (literally) memory.

See more of his amazing prints here, and more from Photojojo here.


  1. Ooo, I hadn't read the newsletter, till I saw your post. These are just amazing - I especially love that tree branch one. This is one of the coolest projects I've come across!

  2. I love that one as well!

    Have you thought about making one of your own?


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