July 21, 2010

Random Round Up

This "Polar Bear Storage Unit" from Pedlars is clever and well-designed. I think it'd be fun to spray paint it a really crazy color, just to make it stand out even more!

Each fish in this "Kohako and Tancho Origami Koi Pond" piece by Mabona Origami is folded from a single sheet of paper! The koi are then overlaid with colorful paper pulp appliques, or gold leaf! (Latter version not shown.)

Etsy's The Storque has a newfeature on how to make your own sailor's knot bracelets. I've always wanted one of these, so I'll definitely give this tutorial a try and let you know how it turns out!

This set of photos of Edinburgh's South Side combines two of my favorite things, the beautiful Scottish capital and vintage photography.

Need some typography inspiration? Look no further than Lettercult's "Custom Letters at the Antique Store" set!

I've saved my favorite link for last. This is "Golden Moment", a pastel by Bob Richey. I saw it in person at a craft fair earlier this month, and fell in love with it. (I didn't buy it, however - it was just a tad bit out of my budget!)

This photo doesn't do it justice by any means. In person, the golden tones absolutely glow and you feel like you're standing in a sunlit glade on a summer afternoon. It's breathtaking!

See more of Bob Richey's pastels and charcoal sketches here.

Hope you've enjoyed the round up!

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