October 5, 2010

Customizing This Woodland Invitation Field Guide

I've been thinking about this "Wildlife Cheat Sheet" from Alyson + Levi's wedding ever since I first saw it on Oh So Beautiful Paper.

I love walking through the neighborhood or going hiking in the woods as autumn arrives, to see which trees are already changing color and discover which types of pine cones and acorns are tumbling down. If I'm lucky, I'll see little green ferns and toadstools peeking out from the piles of crunchy leaves or growing on fallen tree limbs!

Though this "cheat sheet" was originally created for a wedding, borrowing the idea of recording local wildlife (but customizing it for the flora and fauna you see on your hike or walk) would be a great way to celebrate the arrival of autumn!

You could even create one for each season, and see which animals migrate and how plants change over the course of the year.

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