November 18, 2010

DIY Terrariums, and A New Piece

I've been wanting more greenery around the house as the last of the leaves fall and the view from the window becomes brown and gray. Unfortunately, I'm not very good with indoor plants. (They never seem to get enough sun, and I don't always remember to water them regularly.) Terrariums seem to be a perfect solution, as they can self-water for days.

These diy versions from Katy Elliott and DesignSponge are easy to make and beautifully emerald, cushioned with moss and dotted with whatever you find in your own backyard!

On a side note, I've begun adding new prints to my store in time for the holidays. This is my most recent one, "Surround Yourself with Love", hand-drawn and then layered with color! I've also posted holiday deadlines.

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