January 28, 2011

DIY Beaded Applique Headband

Sequined and beaded headbands and fascinators are everywhere these days, but why buy one when you can make your own in just five minutes? Plus, diy-ing it allows you to find the perfect applique for your outfit or evening - no need to merely pick the best of what you see in the store.

First, you'll need an applique. You could also use a feather pad, but I wanted something glittery and shiny for winter parties. Silver and white just go so well with the snowy surroundings!

I found these lovely silver pieces, along with the white-toned one shown in the first photo, at Sequin Appliques. You can also check local craft and fabric stores, but Sequin has an amazing selection (note: I just like their store, I am not being paid by them in any way, shape, or form!).

You'll also need some ribbon. I found this silver Galena roll at a local store. It's made of metallic material, so it almost feels wired. I thought this would be better for positioning a headband and having it stay in place than a flimsier ribbon. I'd definitely recommend a thin metallic or wired ribbon!

Cut a length the circumference of where you'll wear the headband on your head, plus about 12 inches more (for tying).

Center the ribbon on the applique. You could sew it to the back, but the backing may be quite stiff. I chose to use strong craft glue instead and you could also hot glue it. Just be careful so you don't burn yourself!

Use a good amount of glue so the ribbon is firmly attached.

Make sure you add a bit extra where the applique ends, so the ribbon does not come off. (You want the applique to lay flat on your head, and not stick up at its ends.)

Let the glue dry for several hours, or overnight just to be sure (especially if you live in a humid area).

Though this headband would be great for a party, a sparkly accessory can add interest and 1920's flair to something as simple as a trip to the grocery store!

Fascinators look best worn low on either side of the head, rather than centered, and with the hair pulled back. They match perfectly with a sleek updo, or a low chignon. You could also curl the ends of your hair and style it into a low side ponytail.

If you make this, let me know how you wear it!

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  1. Nice design.



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