August 5, 2011

Farmers Markets

What's that saying - "everything hits at once"? I've certainly been feeling that this past month. So I've been retreating. And I've been very quiet. I don't talk much when I'm processing a lot of bad news at once.

I've been getting back to the simple things. The cardinal that sings all morning in the backyard as he sits in the forsythia. The little wasp that cleans himself as he hides from the hot midday sun under the parsley. The bumblebee that happily buzzes among the tomato flowers.

Another favorite respite is the local farmer's market. Early August is a wonderful month for the harvest. My favorite yellow Shiro plums arrive, and crisp, juicy Sugar Baby watermelons appear. Zinnias are everywhere - I can never get enough of their papery, sometimes even velvety petals.

How do you recharge?

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