December 15, 2011

DIY Ceramic Goods with Pebeo Porcelaine

I discovered Pebeo Porcelaine paints about a year ago, and since then I've discovered so many easy, impressive uses for them!

They come in two versions - pens, and paint pots. The pens you can just use as is, but for the pots you'll need a brush or two. I only have the colors shown above so far, but they are available in every hue! You can also mix colors to get just the shade you want.

I originally bought these to play around with making pendants. The paints are for ceramic surfaces, so make sure you only use unglazed materials.

You just apply the paint, let it dry for 24 hours, and then either apply another color on top, or bake them in a conventional oven. If you use another color, make sure you DON'T bake in-between or the second color will not stick - I learned this the hard way!

You can paint on initials and other details like the pendants shown in previous photos, or you can keep it simple-but-still-classy with single-colored ones like these. String several on the same cord or chain for a boho, breezy look.

You can also use the paints on other surfaces to give them a ceramic finish. Here I thoroughly washed and dried scallop shells and then applied various colors to only the inner surface. I then baked them according to the directions.

They make great trinket or jewelry dishes! Match the colors to your decor while preserving the memories of your trip to the beach with your favorite people.

Here I glazed the outside of the shell instead. I'm going to drill holes in the tops of these and use them as earrings or pendants.

Same thing here - I used a mussel shell and did just the outside.

I've had some old skeleton keys sitting around, but they seemed too plain to turn into pendants as is. So, I dipped them in the white paint and then hung them over a pan to drip dry. Very vintage-meets-mod! This will look great hanging from some dark, thin leather cording - use an 18" length so it has some movement and a more modern look.

I hope these ideas spark some of your own! The paints are so versatile. Let me know what you come up with!

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