September 28, 2012

A Surprise Bloom

We've finally settled in after moving house (for me, it was the second move in less than 3 months!). The new neighborhood is full of greenery, a welcome departure from the concrete-heavy one we were in before.

I wandered across this magnolia tree earlier this week. I did a double-take when I noticed it was in full bloom - in September! It must be in front of a dryer vent or have its roots wrapped around a hot water pipe.

I've seen a lot of almond and cherry trees in full bloom in the city in the middle of winter because of the aforementioned phenomenons, but I've never seen a magnolia before. I couldn't resist cutting off a blossom to bring inside. I'm waiting for it to open and gently perfume the room. I can't wait!

In other news, I have two new DIY projects in the works (painted feather jewelry and pumpkin lanterns) that will be posted within the next week to week-and-a-half, and an announcement about my shop (hint: a special sale just for my readers!) that will be in my next post. Keep an eye out!

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