January 23, 2013

Christmas Decor

As promised, here are some photos of my Christmas decor and baking projects. These are all inexpensive, and with the exception of the tree topper which I'd say is medium-skill level, they are all fairly easy as well.

I love this chalkboard contact paper - it's inexpensive and doesn't leave residue! I put it on the inset of a closet door, then wrote "Joy to the World" in chalk and accented it with bells, stars, and a calligraphic scroll design. Easy and festive!

Cinnamon and applesauce holly cut-outs. I punched holes on each end with a straw, then outlined them with white paint after they'd dried so they would look like gingerbread. Then I strung them on candy cane-colored twine for a simple, fun banner.

I cut out the letters in "Let It Snow" from silver paper, then strung them on bright blue yarn, interspersed with cheap glittered snowflakes.

The banner above them is two different sizes of cotton balls strung on white thread. They're supposed to look like snowballs. What do you think?

I cut these stars out of an old olive oil can (note: wear gloves) using a barn star pattern in two different sizes, one large and one medium. I bent them along the right lines (up on the lines going down the point on each ray, down on the lines between each ray), glued them together using very strong glue meant for metal, rolled a triangle of metal for the part that goes over the branch, then painted the whole thing gold.

I make a Yule log every year using a chocolate chiffon cake recipe. This one's filled with vanilla and peppermint extract-infused CoolWhip. I took a large piece of birch bark (locally sourced from a dead tree), put ClingWrap over it, then put the Yule log on top. I dusted the whole thing with powdered sugar to make it look snowed-on and then perched a small carved wooden bird on top.

Yule log slice, candied orange peel, Swiss cookie, sugared cranberries (my new obsession), and Pavlova with sugared cranberries on top.

Melted good-quality dark chocolate poured into a greased/lined pan with chopped up candied orange peel sprinkled on top. This took less than 20 minutes but was so addictive and an instant fave!

So that's my Christmas decor and baking? What did you make and/or eat during the holidays?

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