February 5, 2013

Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Valentine's Day is right around the corner! While I may not be an expert on what to get guys for Christmas (I usually just make him candy and buy a sweet card), I have an easier time picking out things for females. So here are things I think any female would like for VDay. Maybe they'll end up on your wishlist, too!

Most of the time, valentines feature cupids and birds. I like that this card by Artist in La La Land features a squirrel instead. It's quirky yet adorable!

I think I first fell in love with pave key necklaces when Tiffany's came out with some a few years ago. I like the more antique look of this pave diamond key necklace by LexLuxe, though, and the combination of silver *and* gold. I like its dainty size as well - it makes it more versatile so you can wear it at work during the day or out at night.

Lavender symbolizes devotion in the "language of flowers", so it works perfectly in these heart ornaments by Handy Happy Hearts. They'd be lovely hung from doorknobs, or from hooks on doors or windowsills. I'm sure they smell amazing as well!

This XO kiss hugs initials necklace by Sora Designs is simple yet lovely. I like that it can work as a gift from a significant other or as just a friendship necklace. I think I might even like this simple "x" and "o" version shown the best. It's like carrying a kiss and hug from someone you care about - whether it's a friend, family member, or partner - around with you all the time.

These remind me of the heart-shaped ones dotted with white paint that would be handed out during classroom Valentine's Day parties. These grown-up versions by Sophia Victoria Joy look like they taste even better, and the personalized tag is a cute touch.

I'm a sucker for tiny heart-shaped necklaces, so this rose gold vermeil heart pendant by Lustre Modern Jewelry became an instant fave. It's classic and will never go out of style.

Owls are very "in" right now, so these mom & baby owl cookie cutters by DIY Sweet Supply Co. would be perfect for "owl always love you"-themed cookies or brownies. They could also be reused later for baby showers or birthday parties.

The Hunger Games book and movie spurred on the arrow craze, but this could be Cupid's bow as well! This  golden bow and arrow necklace by Datter is my favorite version that I've seen. I like that the arrow is on a separate link so it trembles as you move.

This heart-dotted ceramic bowl by Ross Lab is great for VDay, but can also be used every day. I love the adorable little hearts and the bright pink interior.

This gold and moissanite bow ring by JC Metalsmith Jewelry harkens back to Victorian times. It's labeled as an engagement ring, but I think the non-traditional bow shape means it could be a statement ring or just a fun piece of jewelry as well. It's very rare to find an original Victorian version, so this modern vintage one is a great alternative!

What are you hoping to get for Valentine's Day? What have you bought for other people?

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