July 1, 2013

Hen and Chicken Block Prints by Drenculture

When the husband and I transition from apartment living in the city to a house in the 'burbs, I've insisted on having a chicken coop in the backyard. I've always wanted to collect my own eggs to serve for quick weekday scrambled eggs and more elaborate weekend brunches. So these block prints by Drenculture by Rigel Stuhmiller would be a perfect accent for our house, as a nod to our hopefully-future feathered friends outside.

This first print is called "Hens with Lemons" and was featured in Sunset Magazine's holiday gift guide. I love the greens and yellows in this. I think it'd look great in a vintage-style kitchen!

 This next one is "Mattie the Hen". The bright red on her face really pops against the aquas and blues, and it looks like she's proudly puffing out her chest. A bit sassy, isn't she?

This last one is "Wendy the Hen". She seems less showy than Mattie. She looks like she's settled down to lay eggs or take a nap. I think the colors in this match really well with "Hens With Lemons" above. They'd make a nice pair to display together!

These chickens are part of Rigel Stuhmiller's Chicken a Week series, "devoted to chickens and the people who keep them". You can see more of the series here and more of Rigel's work at Drenculture here!

Edit: Coincidentally, Rigel Stuhmiller's work was featured on Shoppe by ScoutMob the same day I posted this! What are the odds?

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