July 1, 2013

Paper Collage Flower and Fruit Prints by Deborah Alysoun Art

I stumbled across these paper collage prints of flowers and fruits by Deborah Alysoun Art the other day, and immediately fell in love with them. I love the bright colors, subtle changes in tones and hues, and textures in these prints. 

This first one features a juicy ripe peach still on the branch. The fuzzy skin goes from yellow to orange to pink. It looks like the real thing!

She also has a cherry version. They're one of my favorite summer fruits. I think everyone has a childhood memory of staining their fingers (and their shirts) with juicy cherries on a hot July day.

This bluebell print really captures the flower's delicate petals and color variations. We always had these growing wild in the garden, and you'd see blue and purple versions on the same stalk. They looked like they'd been painted with watercolors, just like in this print!

Trilliums are little-known flowers that seem to be very popular in the flower catalogs this year. They'll grow in full shade, and they go from snowy white when they first bloom to pink tones like you see here once they've been flowering for awhile. I always love watching for the color change in them in my mother's garden.

Pansies are definitely one of the most popular spring flowers. You see these in almost every front yard, in all colors and sizes. Deborah really captured the little details of their "faces" and "beards" with her careful little cuts.

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