September 14, 2013

New Fall/Autumn Printables in the Shop!

We're still unpacking and getting settled into the new place. What is it about the last few boxes of random bits and pieces? It seems like it's always hard to find places (or storage) for the remaining items once I'm 95% unpacked. Does that happen to anyone else?

But I'm still here, and still trying to blog when I can! I thought I'd update you on some new pieces I've added to the shop for fall/autumn. The first reads "I Love Autumn", with the "o" replaced by a maple leaf. The words are in orange on a antique paper-looking background.

This piece is also available in red, for anyone who thinks cherry red fall leaves are the prettiest. I can't decide if I love bright orange or bright red ones the best myself.

Can you tell I like maple leaves? They always seem to be the brightest, loveliest colored leaves out of all the tress. And they come in so many varieties and shapes! So I couldn't resist creating a printable set of two maples, one in scarlet and one in golden orange.

Last, I created an "I Love October" digital print with pumpkins replacing the o's in "October". In Massachusetts, that's when we get peak foliage. It's also the best time of the year for picking apples at local orchards and visiting farmers' markets.

I hope you like the new printables! You can see more of the digital prints available in my store - HeritageCurrentCo - here.

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