October 9, 2013

Bird Paintings by Betsy McLellan Studio

I stumbled across these colorful bird paintings by Betsy McLellan on Etsy earlier today. The vivid colors and bold brushstrokes are a great way to make the walls of often-neutral living rooms and bedrooms catch your eye. I think this cardinal one is my favorite - I love seeing their bright feathers contrast with newly-fallen snow in the winter.

She also paints chickadees, like this adorable little black-capped pair on a branch of bright red berries.

Have you ever seen a titmouse like this one here? They look a lot like cardinals, just with different colors. They're one of my favorite species to watch out for at the bird feeder.

There used to be a cat in our backyard when I was younger that was always after the blue jays. I remember one summer I kept finding bright blue and black striped feathers one or two at a time for weeks. Luckily, I think the blue jays we had (like this one painted here) always got away unscathed otherwise.

Here's another lovely chickadee print, this time with a lovely blue background to complement their black and white faces.

Betsy McLellan has a lot more paintings and prints available featuring more birds, other animals, and landscapes. See more of her work here.

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