January 14, 2015

DIY Spoolknit Candy Cane Ornament Decoration

I first introduced spool knitting on the blog in this post. I then promptly forgot about this craft for a few years.

Luckily, during a recent frantic I-really-REALLY-need-to-organize-all-my-craft-supplies session, I came across my knitting spool again and began to brainstorm.

I decided on a candy cane ornament, but didn't want to have to switch colors. So I used red & white baker's twine (widely available on the internet) to give the impression of swirling colors combined with the simplicity of only one strand.

I made my tube about 4.25" long, and cut a piece of heavy wire about an inch longer (so 5.25"). Then I threaded the wire into the center of the tube so it stuck out a half-inch on both ends. I folded each end back on itself about a half-inch so it resembled the outer edge of a paperclip, and pulled the tube up around the crook to cover it (you'll find your tube will stretch a bit, allowing you to do this). Next I threaded each string end (you'll have a tail from starting and ending the tube, one per end) onto a needle and stitched in and out of the tube - making sure to catch the wire - so the ends of the tube were firmly secured around and to the looped wire ends.

Then I simply bent one end until it had a good candy cane shape, threaded some yarn through the back of the top for a hanger, and hung it on my tree! You could also bend your wire before you thread it into your tube. I just thought this way might be a bit simpler. This is a pretty quick project. The wire part can be a bit fiddly at first, but you'll get the hang of it after you do it once. Subsequent candy canes are much easier and faster!

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