February 17, 2016

Belated Christmas Crafts 2015 Part 1: Glittered Putz Houses

Sometimes I have to let go and accept that between chasing a toddler, house-hunting, making time for my husband, and dealing with the constant exhaustion of pregnancy, I just can't post as often as I'd like. Someday, there will be time for more making and more posting and more, well, everything. But, for now, this is the phase of life I'm in and instead of fighting it and becoming frustrated, I just need to accept that this will pass (all too soon, can't believe how quickly babies grow up!) and enjoy the moments I have rather than the ones in my head that don't come to pass.

So here I am, for the second year in a row, posting my Christmas projects late. Apologies, but I figured if you plan parts of your life out up to a year advance (as I do, see: babies!), you might want to add these to your crafting calendar for next year.

If you look up Putz houses, you can find plenty of free patterns online. I chose a few that I liked, printed out the templates, traced them onto empty cereal boxes I'd been saving (they're a great cardboard weight), painted them white, and then brushed them with glue before sprinkling on clear glitter from Michael's. For the "snow", I just stretched and tore up cotton balls and arranged them in drifts around the houses. I like to put a flickering LED candle inside the church (on the left), so it glows at night.

One caveat: remember to cut out the windows and doors *before* you assemble and glitter these! I only remembered to do this for the church. The others don't have any windows or doors, and I can't cut them out now without crushing them. (I'm going to redo them for next year.)

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