June 7, 2016

Shop Update

I just wanted to share some of my newest printables with you! I've recently added these to my Etsy store. Click on the pics to go to specific listing if you're interested.

This first piece was inspired by memories of summer road trips and travels abroad. Is there anything better than exploring a new place or foreign clime for the first time? This is available in several different font styles.

This is actually a printable that I revamped. I made the outlines around Ursa Major and Ursa Minor - the mama bear and baby bear constellations - more angular, so they'd look more geometric and fresh. For more colors, see here.

Simple and classic. L-O-V-E with the "O" replaced by a heart, all in script on a crimson watercolor background. Again, multiple colors available!

The next three pics are also updated pieces. For the ship captain's wheel shown here and anchor & stars featured below, I added halftone drop shadow details and vintage texture on top. Summer always makes me want to decorate in nautical themes and watery blues!

This anchor & stars is one of the oldest Americana symbols. Also available in white on navy blue.

Inspired by wedding season, I created this piece to commemorate the blending of two people into one family. The tree is a mighty oak, symbolizing fidelity, loyalty, and strength. Also available in non-script fonts.

I can customize any printable in my store to match your color scheme, just ask! I'm also currently offering prints again, just select one of these listings to turn any printable into an actual print!

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