December 9, 2010

Bazaar Bizarre Boston

When I arrived at the South End a few minutes before the Bazaar Bizarre Boston opened this past weekend, people were already braving the chilly weather to line up down the block. It's obviously a popular show! Luckily, the queue moved quickly, and admission was only $1.

Although it was too crowded to get a good look at every single booth, the above vendors managed to catch my eye in spite of the masses.

Visiting farmers' markets is one of my favorite activities, so this fun and colorful bag from Bang Bang You're Thread would be perfect for toting fresh veggies home.

When the weather gets cold, playing cribbage is a great way to while away a snowy night. This handmade steel board from Mean and Wroughten gives an old game a modern look and feel.

Everyone knows Sunday mornings are perfect for sleeping in and then making pancakes - in your pajamas of course! This print by Flowers in May is a colorful tribute to weekend breakfasts. They also have wonderful homages to Parisian vacations and the art of baking.

Twigs and Heather always amaze me. This lovely mussel pendant looks like it's been sitting on the shoreline, its edges being gently worn down by the ebbing waves.

If there's a Bazaar Bizarre in your city, I hope you take the time to go and browse it!

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