December 2, 2010

A Round-Up

A round-up of things that have caught my eye this week - I hope you enjoy them as well!:

This "Fortune Favors the Brave" print by Lilco Letterpress on Poppytalk combines a wonderful, inspirational quote with fun and playful design in the form of a banner.

Tinctory creates smocked silk necklaces in beautiful, hand-dyed shades. They remind me of old-fashioned millinery and feathers.

A big thank you to designer Erin Gates of Element Interiors for featuring my "Keep Calm and Rock On" print in the new "Baby Steps" article in Boston Home. It's an honor to be featured!

Ever wondered where the classrooms, halls, and other places seen in Harry Potter are actually filmed? This USA Today article reveals 10 real-life locations. I think the one for Hagrid's Hut surprised me the most. (It's very far away from London...and has quite a dark past!)

The New York Times has compiled a handy travel gift guide - I had no idea there were so many products for every travel need. Of course, if you have a friend who keeps dropping their cellphone or music player in various liquids, then #5 above would be perfect for them as well!

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