August 23, 2011

Gold-Plated Feather Pendants by Marge Hinge

Mid-August was made for basking in the waning warm, golden-glowed haze of summer by the light of day and for savoring the first cool, autumn-esque breezes by the dark velvet of night.

I've been taking some time off from the store and blog to do just that. I hope you caught the Perseid showers last week, in spite of the full moon! We watched a few spectacular meteors blaze down towards the horizon, past the flickering stars. Such marvels of nature put things in perspective. It's nice to feel small in the grand scheme of things sometimes, don't you think?

Back on the inspiration front, I'm completely in awe of these pendants by Marge Hinge. She's found a way to electroplate only the ends of natural feathers, combining the hardness of metallic edges with the softness of the vanes. I love the intense green and blue tones against the gold as well.

See more from Marge's Etsy store here!

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