November 23, 2011

DIY Silver Spool Knit Necklace

I discovered spool knitting last year, and I've become addicted to it! It may look complicated initially, but it's actually really simple to create the knitted hollow tube once you get the hang of it and the end results look elegant and modern.

I made the flapper necklace shown above by spool knitting, and I'll show you how to make your own necklace below!

For tools, you'll need an old wooden spool, a crochet hook, 5 tacks or nails, and string. I used thick vintage silver metallic thread. If you can't find an old wooden spool, they do sell newer plastic contraptions that you can spool knit on.

Try to evenly space the tacks around the hole in the middle, and hammer them down about 1/3 to 1/2 of their length. Don't worry about it being perfect - you can see my spacing is just a little bit off, but the necklace still turned out well!

Take the end of your thread, and feed it down the hole from top to bottom.

Working counterclockwise around the hole, loop the string at the top of the hole clockwise around each tack/nail. Your string's tail should still be sticking out of the bottom of your spool.

Go around one more time, counterclockwise around the hole but clockwise around the pegs.

Now take the end of your string that's hanging out of the bottom of your spool, and hook it around your pinky. Then feed it back up the hole from bottom to top.

Hook the tail under the two rounds and then over them. Feed the tail back down the hole again from top to bottom. Remove your pinky when the tube is longer (hanging out the bottom) and pull the end so that the loop over the rounds is tight. This locks the thread around the bottom of the knitted tube so that pulling the tube down as you go along to make room for new rounds is easier.

To knit, use the crochet hook to pull the bottom loop on each peg over the top loop and off the nail. Go around each peg (5 total). Then loop your string around again, counterclockwise around the hole and clockwise around each peg.

Repeat until your tube is the length you would like! It really is that easy.

Here's what the tube looks like when it comes out the bottom of the spool. When your tube is the desired length, cut the silver thread you've been looping around, leaving a generous tail (6"). Leave only one round of loops on the nail. Thread the tail through one loop, and then pull the loop off the nail. Do this with all remaining 4 loops, and then pull the tail tight to finish! You may pull it through the last loop again and knot it at this point, just to be extra-secure.

I decided to make my knitted tube about 75 inches long, so I could comfortably loop it around my neck three times. I tied the tails of the ends together, and trimmed them so they wouldn't show to make one big loop. You can cut the tails to 1/4" to 1/2" if you like and weave them in with the crochet hook to hide them.

You can also knit three shorter tubes of the same length, and then braid them together to make a bracelet. Here, I mixed two silver tubes with one gold one. I think metallic accessories are perfect for the holidays - they go perfectly with red and green, and gleam against the soft whites of freshly-fallen snow and candlelight!

To create the flapper-style necklace shown in the first photo with your tube, loop the tube around your neck twice. Pull on the bottom loop so that the top loop is close to your neck (as you can see in the photo) and the bottom loop hangs very low over your stomach. Take the bottom loop, and treating it like one big piece of string, tie it into a knot. Gently adjust so that the knot is where you want it to be along the tube, and then tighten the knot.

You can vary this project in lots of different ways, however - larger spools, smaller ones, yarn instead of silver thread, and colored thread instead of silver! You could even spool knit with leather cord instead of string. Use whatever you have, or just whatever you like!

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  1. Whoa! Loom knitting always sounded so intimidating to me, and you made it look so easy! I have to try this project, thank you a bunch for the tutorial!


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