November 27, 2012

Nautical Gifts and Pinterest Pages

I thought I'd take a short break from posting DIY projects (I'll be uploading more this week, though!) to show you some of the things I'm currently loving. I think any one of these nautical-infused items would be a unique gift for someone on your gift list this year. (Note: I haven't been paid to promote any of these, I just like them!)

First up is this Anchors Aweigh Tea Infuser by Imm Living. I look forward to curling up with a cup of tea when the weather gets frosty, but let's face it - most tea infusers are not very nice to look at! This one is different. I love the quirky, clever ship's wheel. Maybe it's just living in Boston and having the Boston Tea Party be a big part of our history, but it reminds me of old sailing ships making long voyages from India or China and the colonial days when people had daily tea time. (I do wish we still did that! The Brits have it right!)

Next are these Make a Wish Tiny Anchor Earrings by Jewel of a Girl. They're simple and versatile enough to wear every day, but the anchor shape and delicate details elevate them from the normally plain style of most studs.
Last up is my favorite of the bunch, this Pirate Love Helm ring by Vera Meat. I've always been fascinated by  old sailing ships. I remember posing behind the huge steering wheel of the USS Constitution for my grandparents, so this reminds me of happy family memories. I also like how the ring takes an antique symbol and reinvents it in a new, modern way. I bet you've never seen a ring like this before! I love how the wheel curves around the front of the ring and has the spaces between the rungs cut out. It makes it delicate and almost a bit lace-y. It's also available in a variety of metals and sizes!

What are you guys loving for the holidays? Have you started decorating yet? I'm waiting until Dec 1st, and in the meantime I'm narrowing down my too-huge-for-our-apartment list of ideas (haha).

I've been pinning Christmas tips and freebies and decorating ideas on my Pinterest. Maybe you'll find some new ideas, or old favorites (And follow me if you like so I can see your boards as well!)

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