March 7, 2013

Free Jams, Jellies, Vanilla Extract, Etc. Labels

It's marmalade season around here! Bitter oranges - also called Seville oranges - have a very short season. So when we saw them in our local Whole Foods, we just had to buy some. This weekend we'll be slicing them up and making Darina Allen's recipe for marmalade. And in less than a month, it should be strawberry jam season as well! So, in the spirit of fellow preserve-makers and canners, I decided to take the time to alter and clean up two vintage labels so that they can be used to label your homemade jams, jellies, syrups, liqueurs, etc. I made them red and white because it reminds me of vintage gingham and vintage kitchens. Just right click and hit "save as", then print to whatever size you like! Attach with rubber cement, a gluestick, or glue or print them on sticker or label paper and then just peel off the back.

The first one shown above is perfect for homemade vanilla extract. It may sound complicated, but it's actually incredibly simple to make! Just pick a jar you like, add 5 - 6 vanilla bean pods scored down the middle but with the seeds intact, and then cover with vodka or rum. Let steep for at least three months, shaking at least once a week. Keep adding liquor as you use it up, and replace one pod every six months or so with a fresh one and you'll have homemade extract for years! So much more flavor than the store-bought stuff, and much less expensive. I know vanilla pods can be pricey in the store, but if you look for bulk amounts of them online, they are insanely cheap (as in less than a dollar per pod)!

This one is perfect for jams, jellies, marmalades, liqueurs or even your own homemade loose tea or spice mixes! You could use them for baked goods or handmade candies as well. Just write what it is on the line, then sign your name under 'Prepared By". It has enough space to add "with love", "in honor of your birthday", "Happy Easter!", or other little notes below the name. So many possibilities!

Please note that these are for personal use only. Please do not alter them and sell them, or sell them as is. If you link to them, please credit me. Thanks!

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