March 27, 2013

Easter Table Inspiration

Easter's almost here, and luckily, my cold is almost gone! (Hence the lack of posts.) I've been combing through Pinterest, looking for easy and inexpensive ideas for our Easter table.

I love these simple eggs cup posies from Martha Stewart. Just use take a dyed and hollowed-out Easter egg, tap the top with a spoon to crack it off, then place it in an egg cup. Add water to the inside of the egg and a few sprigs of lily of the valley, lilacs, or pansies and you have lovely little arrangements to place down the center of your table or around the house!

I've been seeing a lot of tulips combined with pussywillow sprigs for centerpieces. I love the way the colors and textures play off of each other in this one. I think I might try blush pink tulips with the leaves removed, and slightly taller sprigs of pussywillow. If you really wanted to be festive, you could arrange them inside a basket.

I've never tried my hand at elaborate napkin folding, but these adorable bunny versions might make me give it a go! The sprigs of pussywillows meant to look like a "cotton" tail really make these lovely. You could also use a real cotton boll or use a ball of bright green moss. This site is in German, but if your browser has a translation service, there are instructions included.

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday, and good weather for your Easter activities and Easter egg hunts!

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