April 3, 2013

Spring Etsy Finds

I just thought I'd share some of the spring Etsy finds I've been loving lately! 

I've become a little obsessed with Marimo moss. The balls are bright green and velvety! The moss is actually an algae that likes to live in water and is easy to grow. You can buy this premade Japanese Marimo moss ball terrarium by Pink Serissa for instant greenery and detail in your home, or you could purchase a moss ball and some pebbles and make your own.

Spring seems to call for simple jewelry to match with flowing, colorful dresses, and these sterling silver teardrop dangle earrings by Popsicle Drum are the perfect accent. The hammered surface adds subtle detail, and the size is just right. I also like that they're dangly, so they'll move with you or in the breeze like a tiny windchime.

This beach limpet shell pendant necklace by Rock Rose Jewellery is another great simple piece. Limpets are one of my favorite shells to collect, so this lovely silver pendant also reminds me of happy childhood summer days at the beach!

To go along with the simple jewelry theme, here's a delicate gold bar nameplate necklace by Momentus NY. I like the classic look - it's not something that will go out of style. The nameplate bar is also different than the usual round or oval name pendants that you see.

I've always been fascinated by cuckoo clocks, but I've never seen them given a modern twist before! These neon pink and gold cuckoo clocks by Gallivanting Girls are classic cuckoo clocks from Germany that have been painted in hot pink, gold, and white. I think they'd be perfect in a modern white living room or hallway. I wonder if the bird inside has been painted, too!

What Etsy finds are you loving so far this spring?


  1. The clocks are especially gorgeous!
    I'd like to have one one day, a big vintage one. :)

  2. You're right. Those bar nameplates will stay a "classic" for some time now. Great idea sisters necklaces or best friends. Thanks for sharing!


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