July 8, 2013

Hot Time, Summer in the City

I hope everyone in the U.S. had a lovely Independence Day! It was too hot in Boston - thanks to a string of sweltering 90+ days - to go see the fireworks. I could still hear them from my window, so I guess that's a small consolation.

The city's festivities reminded me of these vintage sparkler boxes that I found in a relative's basement years ago and finally scanned last summer. I love the starburst pattern of the fireworks, the small scattered stars, and the lettering. Simple but interesting! I thought you guys might enjoy it as well.

The main problem with the Fourth of July is that it's the last summer holiday. No more long weekends until Labor Day! July is the epitome of summer to me, but in a way the 4th also means that fall is on its way. I'm definitely looking forward to cooler days and nights. I just wilt in the heat!

What do you think - is there still plenty of summer left, or are you thinking of autumn already too?

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