July 27, 2013

Moon and Stars Finds

I've always been a bit fascinated with the moon and stars, but I think the full moon this past week has really kicked it into high gear lately! This moon sticker from i3Lab would look great in a bedroom, high on a wall, or over a desk in a study.

These delicate pave diamond moon and stars necklaces by JayAndRenae are the perfect little bit of shimmer and shine. I like how the metal has an aged patina to it. It seems suitable, when you consider just how old the moon and stars really are!

Lastly, these full moon earrings by BeautySpot aren't your average studs. I always have a hard time finding wearable stud earrings that aren't fancy gemstones or slightly-boring balls, so these are perfect. They're interesting but wouldn't stand out too much from a distance and are in neutral gray and black. Very versatile!

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