August 23, 2013

Dreamy Flower Photos by Grain and Silk

These dreamy flower lomography photos from Grain and Silk remind me of photos you see in magazines, with their soft colors and hazy light.

They'd be great hung singly in a pale blue bathroom, or together as a pair on a neutral-colored wall. The soft pinks in the roses at the beginning of this post and in the mountain laurel blossoms shown above complement each other perfectly. They're called Ophelia's Flowers II and Ophelia's Flowers I.

As much as I love the two blooms above, I think this photo - titled House of Green VII - is my favorite. I love how the very geometric lines of the greenhouse contrast with the rounded, irregular leaves and foliage. The greens really pop against the pale sky. I want a greenhouse of my own someday, even if it's just a tiny one in the backyard, so in the meantime I'd settle for a beautiful pic of one like this!

See more photos from Grain and Silk here.

Just a quick note on posting - I know posts have been a bit sparse this month, but we're moving! I should be able to post more frequently in another week or two, depending on when we get internet set up again. I've also been really busy adding prints to the shop in time for fall and winter. Check them out here if you'd like!

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