October 17, 2013

Martin Wilson, Take Two

I first wrote about Martin Wilson a few years ago on my blog here. Then a few weeks ago, I noticed Diane Keaton (whom I follow on Pinterest) had repinned one of photos from my blog post. Crazy, right? Sometimes it's a very small world.

The repin made me wonder what other works Martin had posted to his website recently, so I headed over to his site and was delightfully rewarded with more new (and old) pieces! The one above is called "Always Coming Back to You" and features photos from India and London that form a heart shape on a background of famous sights from the two locations.

As I wrote before, Martin uses contact sheets printed from strips of negatives from his film camera to form his prints. There's no Photoshop or editing involved - he has to keep track of the print in his head and shoot in the right order. He doesn't cut and paste frames. If he messes up, he has to start all over again! So his prints often take months of careful planning to create.

This second one is titled "Red Letter Days" and forms the words "Call Write Come" from photos of parts of the iconic cherry red Royal Mail boxes found all over London.

This last one, called "One Hundred", is a touching tribute to his "granny". She turned 100 years old, so Martin created this homage to her. It features a photo of a public year sign (presumably often from the cornerstones of buildings) for each year that she's been alive, from 1906 to 2006. What a beautiful, touching gift.

See more of Martin Wilson's work here.

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