January 11, 2011

Easy White and Gold Necklaces

Wintertime always makes me crave white and gold jewelry, to coordinate with all the twinkly lights outside. Below, I'll show you a quick & easy way to make your own using Shrinky Dink sheets!

First, pick an image you like (or multiple images) and print it out. I'll be using feather photos for the next few steps. Turn the paper over, and rub a pencil back and forth until you have a nice layer of graphite. You could also use a charcoal one, if you have it handy.

Turn the sheet back over, place it over a Shrinky Dink sheet, and trace the outlines. You won't need any detail in the middle, unless you plan on cutting it out to form a window or something like that.

Carefully cut out your shapes. A pair of small scissors works great for tiny details like the points of the feathers seen here.

Use a punch to create a hole where you want the chain to hang from. If you're doing an animal, like the quail shown above, you can make the hole where the eye would be. It makes the necklace look really modern but adds a bit of detail as well.

Then just pop your shapes in the oven, following the directions on the Shrinky Dinks packets! After they're done baking, use pliers to attach jump rings to the holes you punched and string gold chains through the ring. I like a slightly longer one, about 18" so it hangs low and looks a bit boho, but a 16" one works well too.

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