May 3, 2012

1915 New York City Flower Show on Flickr

These photos of women with flower baskets are perfect for bringing a little sunshine to a rainy spring day! They look so suited for the season with their wide-brimmed hats trimmed with ribbon, their light and long cotton dresses, and their baskets filled with flowers they've collected.


I wonder about the story behind these shots. Are the flowers grown by the women themselves, ready to be judged at the show, or are the women the judges collecting their favorites from the stalls? Maybe they're selling the flowers as souvenirs to visitors.

At any rate, these photos might finally get me to spring for a straw hat with ribbons dangling down the back for pairing with colorful, vintage-inspired spring dresses and days at the beach.

Click on the photos to view them larger on Flickr!

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