May 2, 2013

Spring Celebrations - DIY Ideas

Sunny days and warmer nights mean it's spring party season! I've collected a few of my current favorite DIY party ideas for easy, brightly colored birthday parties, showers, or get-togethers.

First up are these fringed paper garlands from Mint Love Social Club. They couldn't be simpler! You just cut several layers of a triangle pattern from tissue paper, cut them so they're fringed, then seal the layers together at the top with a seam of metallic tape, binding, or ribbon (if using ribbon or binding, glue in place instead).

These little "oranges" from The Cinderella Project are just scoops of sorbet (store-bought is fine, but you could also make your own) with a clove and two edible leaves poked into the top so they look like citrus fruits. For the leaves, something like mint or lemon balm would work well and complement the flavor of the sorbet.

This larger-than-life crepe paper rose reminds me of Alice in Wonderland! It's from Green Wedding Shoes, via Mon Carnet. I think a few of these would look lovely hung over a table of treats, or strewn across a gifts table. You could also arrange several on a mantle for a lush botanic look.

Let's face it, seating can be one of the hardest things to arrange for a party. Keeping enough chairs around the house for all potential guests without cluttering your space is difficult, renting chairs gets expensive, and using regular inexpensive folding chairs can be, well, ugly. Luckily, The Moon and Me has a really helpful and easy tutorial on how to repaint folding chairs and turn them into these lovely, candy-colored versions instead!

To see more DIY party ideas, check out my DIY Party Tricks board on Pinterest. You can also follow my other boards on Pinterest here!

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